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How to Send HTML Emails in Drupal 7 using Rules WebWash.
Ivan is the founder of WebWash and spends most of his time consulting and writing about Drupal. He's' been working with Drupal for 12 years and has successfully completed several large Drupal projects in Australia. 18 thoughts on How to Send HTML Emails in Drupal 7 using Rules.
Drupal 7: How to check the available variables in a template tpl file konordo web services.
Drupal 7: How to check the available variables in a template tpl file. Tuesday, April 23, 2013 2012.: There is a very handy php function that allows us to quickly check all the available variables in a tpl file e.g.
Drupal Commerce / E-commerce / Guide Open Source.
Découvrez le Guide Drupal 8: Le portail de référence de lactualité autour de Drupal 8. Proposer une solution 1/2. Vous souhaitez proposer une solution qui nest pas encore dans le Guide de lopen source? Merci de bien vouloir remplir le formulaire suivant.
Drupal 7 Lando Documentation.
By default each Lando Drupal 7 recipe will also ship with helpful dev utilities. This means you can use things like drush, composer and php via Lando and avoid mucking up your actual computer trying to manage php versions and tooling. lando composer Runs composer commands lando db-export file Exports database from a service into a file lando db-import file Imports a dump file into database service lando drush Runs drush commands lando mysql Drops into a MySQL shell on a database service lando php Runs php commands. Download a dependency with drush lando drush dl views Run composer tests lando composer test Drop into a mysql shell lando mysql Check hte app's' installed php extensions lando php m.
Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Drupal 7 Cocomore Blog.
Cocomore agency for experience strategy, marketing and IT. Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Drupal 7. As part of the Knowledge Lab at Cocomore on 2 September, 2011, I outlined how to use Jenkins to implement Continuous Integration for a Drupal based project. The basic building blocks for the demonstration included Jenkins, a demo Drupal project, and its automatic update from the SVN version control system, which triggers each run of SimpleTest. I will describe the primary steps to this process here. There are fully prepared Jenkins packages available for download for the most popular Linux distributions, including the Debian server version I used. The Jenkins project even maintains a repository which blends seamlessly into the software management. All the necessary commands are described on the Jenkins download page; with them, installing the base system is simply an apt-get install jenkins away. Of course, since we want to test a Drupal system, our machine also needs a Web server Apache, PHP, and a database MySQL.
Tutoriel Drupal 7 Créer un champ Test du champ.
HTML / CSS. Création d'un' champ sous Drupal 7. Accueil publications Articles PHP Création d'un' champ sous Drupal 7 Test du champ. Test du champ. Nous allons vider les caches afin de nous assurer que notre nouveau champ sera bien détecté.:
Drupal not Sending Email? Let's' Debug it! Drupal Connect.
Step 2: Test regular Drupal email. Maybe your issue is with one specific email Drupal is trying to send, and not that Drupal can't' send email at all. The easiest way to test this is to go to /user/password to send yourself a password reset email. If you get email from that, then whatever feature you're' NOT getting email from is probably buggy or not running as you would expect, and you'll' have to dig into the code for it. Or if you don't' get email from that, then move on. Step 3: Check the logs. There are a couple places to look for error messages. The first is watchdog which in Drupal 7 is available at /admin/reports/dblog.
Solr for Drupal Developers, Part 3: Testing Solr locally Jeff Geerling.
The best first steps are to look around in all the Apache Solr configuration pages, test indexing your entire site, then work on setting up search pages and maybe even install the Facet API module to configure some search facets. In very little time, you should be able to make your site search as user-friendly and speedy as Amazon, Newegg, etc. Drupal.org has excellent step-by-step documentation for installing and configuring a Solr server on many different platforms assuming you don't' want to use the geerlingguy.solr Ansible role to set up Solr for you on Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian. Drupal.org also has Tips and suggestions for module customization. Check out Nick Veenhof's' excellent presentation, Intro to search in Drupal 7, on Slideshare.
How you can try Commerce 2 for Drupal 8.
And now you can do it with Drupal 8. Acro Media created a Drupal 8 demo site with Drupal Commerce 2 and made it available on Github. Building commerce websites is not easy. The only way to make it easier is to use a service like Shopify, where there are presets available that will cover requirements for 80% of entrepreneurs doing their first online commerce venture.
Backdrop vs. Drupal 7 Benchmarks on PHP 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0 Backdrop CMS.
PHP 5.5.47 PHP 5.6.20 PHP 7.0.5. In this test, results mostly mirror the anonymous page cache situation. Drupal 7 is 2% faster on PHP 5.5 and the margin for Drupal is largest on PHP 5.6, where Drupal is 13% faster. Backdrop eeks out a small gain on PHP 7 where it is 2% faster. So is Drupal 7 or Backdrop Faster? From these tests it looks like Backdrop is signicantly faster for anonymous users when cached, but slightly slower on non-cached pages. It should be noted that both of these systems are comparing out-of-box functionality. Both Backdrop and Drupal 7 have differing modules available and enabled by default, here's' a summary of the differences.: Drupal 7 Backdrop 1.4. This difference in modules, especially Backdrop's' Panels-port, Layout, have increased the amount of code executed on each page load. Through a balance of removing modules and a few abstractions, Backdrop manages to provide some major features while maintaining Drupal 7 level performance. What about Backdrop versus Drupal 8?
Migrating to Drupal 8? Check if Your Drupal 7 Modules are Ready.
Written by Daniel Pickering on February 09, 2017 Drupal. Are you a Drupal 7 user who wants to migrate to Drupal 8. You're' not alone. Can" I rebuild my site in Drupal 8" is a very common question in the Drupal community.
Drupal 7 Gigya Documentation Developer's' Guide. Drupal 7 Developer's' Guide Gigya Documentation.
You should also test the flow. For more information, see IdentitySync. Enable the User Deletion Module. In the list of Drupal modules, locate the Gigya section. Make sure the box is ticked next to Gigya Customer Identity Management Delete. Schedule the Deletion Task.

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