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How to make language switcher links link to frontpage in Drupal 7 Kristian Polso.
How to make language switcher links link to frontpage in Drupal 7. Submitted by Kristian Polso on Tue, 07/29/2014 0954.: Drupal has a block called Language" Switcher, which displays links to different language versions of the current page/node. If the node does not have translated version on the specified language, the block will not display a link for it. This can cause some confusion, since the user always expects to see links to all of the site's' languages. This can be fixed by modifying the block so that the all of the links link to the corresponding language's' frontpage. It is easy to do by editing the site's' theme. Edit your theme's' template.php-file or create one if it does not exist and add the following lines.: / Implements hook_language_switch_links_alter. / function MYTHEME_language_switch_links_alterlinks, type, path global language; if type LANGUAGE_TYPE_INTERFACE issetlinkslanguage-language foreach links as langcode link link'href' front.' Change MYTHEME" to your theme's' name. Wed, 07/30/2014 1109.: In my default installation it displays the corresponding language name struck out. I find that less confusing than being redirected to the front page if a translation doesn't' exist.
Why is Drupal great for multilingual sites Opensense Labs.
It has built-in translation UI for simplifying content editing. By allowing automatic downloads and updates, it lets users use any translation interface available in the Drupal community in any language supported by Drupal 8. English language interface can be customized.
Translating a Commerce Store Drupal Commerce documentation.
admin/config/regional/translate/i18n_string will show a Drupal" Commerce" string group that can be refreshed, and after it is refreshed the admin/config/regional/translate/translate page will show the order completion message and the order creation help text in the Drupal" Commerce" group, while the Fields" group will show all the field labels, field descriptions, etc. There are many legacy approaches to translating entities in D7. One might use translation the module that ships with core to translate nodes, i18n_taxonomy to translate terms, and entity_translation to translate products.
i18n_object_wrapper Drupal API Reference Help.
Drupal API Reference Help. Home API reference Get edit path for object. Get field value from object/array. Get string numeric key for indexing. Get object info. Get key value from object/array. Get language code. Get real object or array. Get link for item. Get menu placehoders for object. Get object string translation info.
Drupal 7: Add translation programmatically GitHub.
Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repositorys web address. Learn more about clone URLs. Drupal 7: Add translation programmatically. source Sometime" drupal sucks." translation Drupal" C DLA BALLE." textgroup default; // field, node, default, menu.
Drupal Transifex Documentation.
If you do add a language, be sure to use language codes supported by Transifex, e.g. use fr_FR and not fr-FR. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to add all the languages you wish to translate your Drupal site to. Configuring translation sources.
drupal Drupal7: Why t is not working? Stack Overflow.
Active 2 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 149 times. I'm' in charge of an old site on Drupal7, that I know too little. This site is a bilingual site English/French. So in a template, I added some fields, with strings that need to be translated.: div classoffer_content" span classtitle" styletext-transformuppercasefont-size18pxphp: echo t'Our' Firma: /span; php echo html_entity_decodetfields'field_presentation_societe'-content?' span classtitle" styletext-transformuppercasefont-size18pxphp: echo t'Job' presentation: /span; php echo html_entity_decodetfields'body'-content? span classtitle" styletext-transformuppercasefont-size18pxphp: echo t'Skills: /span; php echo html_entity_decodetfields'field_profil_recherche'-content?' However, in French, that keeps me showing Our" Firma" and Skills" instead of the translation? drupal drupal-7 translation.
Fonctionnement du multilinguisme dans le CMS Drupal 7 2 sur 2 Le blog technique Webnet.
Home PHP Drupal Fonctionnement du multilinguisme dans le CMS Drupal 7 2 sur 2. Fonctionnement du multilinguisme dans le CMS Drupal 7 2 sur 2. Spécialiste Drupal 5 min 9 juillet 2013. Cet article fait suite à larticle: http// Les différentes méthodes de traduction. La traduction: node-level. Ce niveau de traduction est fourni par le module présent dans le cur de Drupal: Content Translation.
Lingotek Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8: A Contrast of Multilingual Support.
In this webinar Josh Solomon, Product Manager, Lingotek will walk you through the differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Review the Drupal 7 multilingual landscape in contrast to Drupal 8s core multilingual capabilities. Demonstrate how to properly prepare a Drupal 8 website for multilingual support.
Drupal 7 Classic Connector Request Translations Smartling Help Center. Smartling. Help Center. Smartling. Help Center.
The Smartling Drupal 7 connector allows you to translate Drupal 7 content with context. Translations are requested from within Drupal 7, and translated content is automatically sent back to your Drupal 7 instance. The connector supports translation of Drupal Nodes Articles, Pages, etc, Entities, and Taxonomies.
drupal Wiki ubuntu-fr.
fr Drupal en français documentation et forums., Installer Drupal 6.x sur Ubuntu. Un tutoriel complèt pour serveur. Dernière modification: Le 04/10/2019, 0449.: Les pages de cette documentation sont rédigées par les utilisateurs pour les utilisateurs. Apportez-nous votre aide pour améliorer le contenu de cette documentation.
Traduire l'interface' de Drupal en français Drupal France.
Accueil Traduction de Drupal en français Traduire l'interface' de Drupal en français. The subscription service is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Traduire l'interface' de Drupal en français. Utiliser Drupal en français dès l'installation.' Traduire un site Drupal initialement installé en anglais.

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