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Tiki vs Drupal Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware: Community.
What They Mean, And Why You Should Care This talk highlights the challenges of attempting to be many things at once. Seducido por Tiki Wiki: estoy siendo infiel a Drupal Great article about how long-time Drupal supporter has been seduced" by Tiki.
Drupal Wiki Kayako Forge.
Log in to Drupal admin panel. Go to modules in admin panel; there enable Kayako from the list and save the configuration. Go to Configuration, look for Kayako there. In preferences put in your REST API credentials. Save the changes. You can see the Kayako help desk link in navigation menu. Landing page will show option to create/view tickets. To create ticket, click on create ticket option and select the department from the subsequent screen, Then click Next. Fill in the details to create ticket. Click on submit when you are done. Success message should appear. Clicking on View Ticket from landing page will present a department select form. Select department and click next to view the tickets created by you for that department. You can click on Ticket Subject to go to individual ticket screen. You can update ticket/post reply from this screen. Click on Update when you are done. Success will redirect back to ticket listing. Kayako Live Chat Software Developer Wiki Privacy Kayako is not responsible for and does not guarantee any code or media hosted on this website.
Documentation sur Drupal NPA.
Le menu qui se trouve tout en haut du site et qui est réservé aux administrateurs, ce menu est géré par le module Drupal administration" menu" et son contenu est généré automatiquement en fonction des modules installés sur le site.
Evaluating Semantic MediaWiki and Drupal as a platform for Wiki-like Semantic portals. by Trevor Lazarus Medium.
Developer Community of Drupal is far more extensive than that of Semantic MediaWikis, theres a module for everything. Blogs, Forums, Groups, Comments integrated into the platform giving users of the online wiki more of a community portal experience than a simple wiki experience.
G2 Glossary G2 module for Drupal Audean Wiki.
This is the documentation Wiki site for the G2 glossary 2 module for Drupal. G2 GlossaryG2 is a new module developed for larger glossary than would be reasonable with the Drupal default glossary contrib module: unlike glossary.module, entries are described in nodes, instead of taxonomy terms see a discussion about this on
drupal 7 wiki page Stack Overflow.
drupal 7 wiki page. Asked 9 years, 11 months ago. Active 9 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Is there a module or a way to simulate a wiki page for some users role in Drupal 7? drupal wiki drupal-modules drupal-7.
agence web drupal drupal 7 vs drupal 8 drupal wiki module.
drupal wiki module. drupal 7 vs drupal 8. drupal 8 vs drupal 7. agence drupal paris. agence drupal lyon. drupal commons drupal 8. drupal theme responsive. theme drupal 7. drupal admin theme. what drupal theme is that. theming drupal 8. has expired.
Because of this, the existing content of your website is not showing. If you are the registrant of this domain name and want to continue the use of your website, please contact the company where you registered this domain name to renew it.
pereorga / Drupal: The Right Way / wiki / Home Bitbucket.
Learn about HTML5 Boilerplate project and its documentation, there are a few interesting pages on its wiki. Check out Modernizr and normalize.css projects. CSS and JavaScript. CSS architecture and organization. The following documents were written for Drupal 8, but they can be useful for 7 too.: CSS architecture for Drupal 8. CSS file organization for Drupal 8. See also SMACSS and CSS DOESNT SUCK, YOURE JUST DOING IT WRONG. The Drupal way to include JavaScript and CSS assets is via render arrays. It's' also, apparently, the only way to do it in Drupal 8. Usage of drupal_add_js and drupal_add_css is still common in Drupal 7 though. If only a few lines of code are required and it must be added in very uncommon circumstances, inline code is usually preferable. For most cases, however, the standard is to keep the code in separate files inside the module or theme involved these end up aggregated and compressed in production anyway.
Drupal Debian Wiki.
If you want to use clean URLs, first enable the rewrite module: a2enmod rewrite service apache2 reload. Then edit /etc/drupal/7/htaccess and uncomment the relevant? RewriteBase rule: RewriteBase /drupal If running under a /drupal URL RewriteBase / If running under a dedicated domain. Adding custom themes and modules. Copy any custom themes or modules into /usr/local/share/drupal/themes or /usr/local/share/drupal/modules, then symlink into the required site. ln s /usr/local/share/drupal/themes/mytheme /usr/share/drupal7/themes/mytheme. Download translation file from https// and put it in /usr/share/drupal7/profiles/minimal/translations/. So you can start your installation in your language. drush command line shell and scripting interface. Drupal/Upgrade/From6To7 upgrading from the drupal6 package. Drupal laatst gewijzigd 2021-02-19 094130.: Debian privacy policy. Debian Wiki team, bugs and config available.
26 Cool Drupal modules for site builders April 2018 Drupal Development Consultancy.
This module can automatically generate Content Security Policy headers for you, after you made the right settings in the Drupal backend. Send a notification to a Drupal content manager or administrator as soon as a comment is posted by a website visitor.
Drupal 7 wikilivois.
A la page admin/reports/status, Transfert" en cours" passe à activé. Installer drupal chez gandi. Installer drush nouvelle méthode. composer global require drush/drush. Installer drush ancienne méthode. Se logguer via ssh sur son compte gandi. php r readfile" http// drush mv drush /home/bin chmod ux /home/bin/drush. Mettre à jour drupal. Aller dans le répertoire racine de drupal. Mode maintenance et mise à jour.: drush vset exact maintenance_mode 1 drush cache-clear all drush pm-update drupal. Pour sortir du mode maintenance.: drush vset exact maintenance_mode 0 drush cache-clear all. Bug de PHP 7.4: Le patch proposé ici a été indispensable pour continuer les mises à jour. Migrer de Drupal 7 à Drupal 9. Le support de Drupal 7 doit s'arrêter' en novembre 2022. Drupal 9 est sorti le 3 juin 2020. La migration devient nécessaire. Installer le module upgrade status. Choisir la Target" version of Drupal core" à 8.x. Lancer une recherche de mise à jour onglet UPGRADE STATUS. Identifier les modules qui n'ont' pas de mise à jour en gris.: FileField Sources Plupload. Max Image Size. Notifications replaced by Courrier. Printer, email and PDF versions Replaced by: Entity Print 8.x-2.2, Printer and PDF versions for Drupal 8.

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